1.After finding the right picture of some trees (looks best if they have different height), make sure the horizon line is exactly horizontal.If it is not, choose Image-Rotate Canvas-Arbitrary and try some settings until you got it.(You may use the measure tool if you can handle it)
2.The right and the left edges are going to touch each other – we will need to get rid of the visible seam.Have a look at the picture size and keep the width in mind. Choose Filter-Other-Offset and set the Horizontal setting to exactly half the width of our document (if your picture is for example 450px use 225 for the "Horizontal pixels right"). The other settings should be 0 for "Vertical pixels down" an checked "Wrap Around".Dont give up, we’re half way to finish.
3.Next step is to "rubberstamp" the seam away. Choose the rubberstamp tool -and others, like the smudge tool- and get rid of the seams, don’t forget the sky!.4.Choose Image-Rotate Canvas-Flip Vertical.
5.Choose Image-Image Size, turn Proportional check off, click on the resample image checkbox and change the dimensions of the image to get a square.
6.Now you can use the Filter-Distort-Polar Coordinates and don’t forget to use the Rectangular to Polar settings. Ready!Also think about different scenes – people, houses…Looks really great if you use high-res pix… [ phunk ]


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